external image ajax.jpgAJAX


Complete Name/Other Names:
  • Ajax
  • Ajax Warrior prince.

Family Background:
  • when Ajax bid he lost out to Odysseus in the bid for the dead Achilles' armor.
  • so much so that the tag line of a popular cleaning product was "Ajax: Stronger than dirt."
ajax was killed by his own sword
Ajax decided to attack his comrades in the night, but Athena tricked him and he ended up attacking and killing a flock of sheep instead.
  • afterlife in the Underworld Ajax was still angry and wouldn't speak with Odysseus.
  • Ajax was born as the son of Telamon, a powerful ruler of Salamis.


Special Abilities:

  • Ajax is perhaps overlooked in Greek history because at his time; according to the mythology, the greatest .
  • Ajax was a trojan hero
  • Ajax and Hector fought in single combat
  • Ajax was the second best greek warrior after Achilles
  • Ajax contributed 12 ships from Salamis to the Achaean war effort.