Arachne Myth

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The Myth of Arachne:

There are many famous Greek myths. One not so famous but very fascinating is the Myth of Arachne. Arachne was a beautiful maiden. Her father was an extremely talented dyer. He made gorgeous string out of sheep's wool in a huge assortment of colors. Arachne herself was a wonderful weaver. She weaved cloth so beautifully, that people came rom all around to watch her craft her creations. When people said that she must have been taught by Athena, the goddess of art, it is known that Athena said, "I have achieved this marvelous skill due to my own talent, hard work, and efforts." Arachne began to boast even more about her talents, and Athena decided to come down to see what it was all about. She disguised herself as an old woman and said to Arachne, "It is foolish to pretend that you are like one of the gods, you're simply a mortal whose talents are paled in comparison to the goddess Athena." Arachne did not listen and apologize for her foolish acts, though. She then said, "If Athena doesn't like my words, then let her show her skills in a weaving contest." Athena became so enragged that so took off her disguise and showed herself as the radiant godess Athena, who accepted Arachne's challenge. Arachne, with not one bit of doubt of her talents, positioned herself at her loom and got ready for the competition. Athena worked much faster than Arachne, but Arachne thought that meant her work was more beautiful. Athena became very mad when Arachne thought her work was better. When the two were done weaving, everyone thought Athena's weaving was beautiful, but thy marveled even more at Arachne's. Athena bcame furious, and she struck Arachne across the head, making her unbearably guilty. Arachne went into denial, and since she couldn't live with the guilt, she decided not to live at all. She hung herself, and died. Athena felt terrible for causing Arachne to depart from the world, and so she restored Arachne's life, but only as a spider. Now all aracnids have the ability to weave their bautiful webs just like Arachne.

Lessons From the Myth:

This myth has some very important lessons. One lesson is never think of yourself higher than the gods. This lesson is intertwined in the myth because Arachne thought she was better than Athena, and it turned out that she hung herself. Luckily, Athena felt bad for making Arachne so guilty that she decided to give her life again, but only as a spider. All of he Greeks learned never to think of themselves higher than the gods after hearing all the terrible things that happened to Arachne.

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