All About Artemis

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Artemis was one of the Goddesses that was welcome at Mount Olympus

· She was the goddess of the Hunt, Wilderness and Fertility.
· Her Roman name is Diana.
· She accepted many girls of all ages into her party.
· She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto.
· Apollo, the sun god is her twin.
· Artemis was a virgin goddess.
· While roaming the mountain forests, she was armed with a bow and arrows which were made by Hephaestus and Cyclopes.
· Artemis traveled with her helpful Nymphs that helped her hunt lions, panthers, hinds, stags.
· She was attached to her hunting and never gave up.
· She uses silver arrows that her brother Apollo also uses.
· She protected children or the young.
· Artemis is not just a cheerful, nice person but can also be nasty. The myth of Artemis and Actaeon when Artemis stoped to take a bath Actaeon saw her and her Nymphs. He decided to stay and watch. Artemis saw him watching and was extremely angry; she took a handful of water and threw it at him. When the water hit him he turned into a stag. Actaeon's dogs chased him not knowing he was the stag. Without being able to say a word he was slaughtered by his own dogs (hounds). Without further due Artemis picked her bow and arrows and went off hunting with her Nymphs.
· In the Iliad, during the Trojan War , Hera strikes Aretmis's ear with a bow and arrow, causing Artemis to cry and run to Zeus .

Artemis’s symbols are the moon, the bow and a deer

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