By Sherrie

Greek name- Athena

Roman name- Minerva

Family background- She was a daughter of Zeus and Metis (daughter of the Ocean). Zeus was warned by Earth that a son that is born by Metis will over throw him like he did to his father, so Metis was then swallowed by Zeus. After, Zeus had a very bad headache, so he called upon Hephaestus to help him. So Hephaestus cracked Zeus's head open, and Athena came out fully dressed and fully grown. Her uncles are Hades and Poseidon. She has many brothers and sisters. She has mostly half brothers and sisters though because, her father Zeus had many affairs with many mortal and immortal women, an had many children with them. For example, one of her half- brothers is Hermes.

Symbols- owl and the aegus ( a shield with picture of Medusa 's head on it.)

Special abilities/ responsibilities
- Goddess of battle, arts, crafts, weaving, wisdom... She has to help craftsmen, be wise, and lead others to battle.

Episode from Athena's life that illustrates her unique characteristics- In Jason and the Argonauts, Athena gives them a magic prow for the boat. This magical prow could speak in a human voice and would tell them what was coming up. This expresses her wisdom in knowing. She used to help other people with weaving and other crafts. This expresses her knowledge of art.

Other facts on Athena-
1. Athena was said to have invented the chariot and the flute.
2. She lives on Mount Olympus, where 12 other Gods live.
3. She is the main patron for the Athens. They used to worship her, and even named their civilization after her in her honor.
4. The Ancient Greeks gave credit to Athena for inventing the 27 letters of the alphabet. There were 3 symbols that got lost though.
5. Athena is said to be Zeus's favorite child.

Greek Myths that she's in-
1.Medusa used to be a maiden, but Athena changed her into a monster and ordered Perseus to kill it by cutting her head off. When Medusa's head was cut off, Pegasus sprang from her.
2.Athena was also in the Arachne Myth, in which Arachne made Athena mad because her weaving skills were better than herself. So she replaced Arachne's confidence with guilt. Eventually, Arachne hung herself, but Athena felt bad so brought her back, except as a spider this time.
3.Athena is in another myth called the Odyssey. She helps Odysseus get back to Greece.
4.Athena and her Uncle Poseidon were both very fond of Greece, and they both claimed it as theirs. They fought for a very long time, but they eventually decided who ever gave the best gift, won the city. Poseidon struck a cliff with his trident , and a salt- water spring sprang from the rocks. The citizens thought it was beautiful, but also thought it wasn't very useful. Athena planted an olive tree, a plant the people have never seen before. Athena won because th olive tree gave food, wood, and oil. So she sat on top of the Acropolis, and watched over her city, the Athens. Under her leadership, they became famous for their arts in weaving and other crafts.


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