Circe is a witch who was living on the island of Aeaea. She was visited by a group of hero's called the Argonauts and the trojan war hero Odysseus. Circe is a powerful witch and with the help of herbs and praying to her gods she could turn men into animals or images of beasts. She also ws able to darken the heavens by hiding the moon or the sun behind clouds. She could kill her enemies with poisinus juices. Calling to her aid nyx chaos or hectate goddesses of the crossroads. Enemies of circe that tried to get into her home would see hallucinations and be scared away.

The island Aeaea is located of the western or eastern coast of italy. It is said her house is made of stone and she would often be sitting on a throne wearing a purple robe and a golden veil.

Circe fell in love with Glaucos brother of the nereids. Glaucos was a mortal fisherman but after chewing on a magic herb became a sea-deiti. But Glaucos loved scylla , who was a most beautiful young woman, and when she went to bathe in the sea, Circe, out of jealousy, poisoned the water with her magic drugs.


A trojan war hero named Odysseus landed on Aeaea the island in wich circe lived on. They entered her home circe turned all of odysseus's men into pigs but whe she tried to turn odysseus into a pig he resisted because hermes gave him a magic herb to resist her deadly spells. Since Circe's magic was useless against odysseus she returned his men into their regular form. They all had no anger against eachother and odysseus and his men left the island a year later circe warned them about the 3 sirens they would encounter and beware of their music it's deadly. Later Circe and Odysseus had a child named Telegonus who later ruled over the Tyrsenians.

Circe's family

Child Telegonus

Husband Odysseus

Mother Persies

Father Helios

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