Apollo and Daphne
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Daphne's and Apollo's story:

Daphne was a woman uninterested in love. Daphne who was a beautiful nymph, preferred to spend her time hunting in the woods rather than meeting men. Because of her beauty men kept falling in love with her. Time after time Daphne rejected each man. Daphne's father Peneius, the river god, wanted Daphne to get married and have sons. However, Daphne cried so much about the idea of getting married, that her father could not bring himself to make her find a man.
One day Daphne was in a field and on the other side were the Gods Apollo and Eros , son of Aphrodite. Apollo was mocking Eros's love arrows and as a punishment Eros hit Apollo in the heart with one of them. which caused Apollo to fall madly in love with Daphne. Apollo began to try to persuade Daphne into going into the woods with him and marry him, but every time he asked Daphne would run farther away from him. When Apollo was about to catch her. Daphne prayed to her father to transform her into a laurel tree. Instantly, she turned into a beautiful laurel tree. Still in love with Daphne, Apollo declared that the leaves of the laurel tree would always be green and he would always wear a wreath of laurel leaves around his head.

  • Greek name: Daphne, in Greek it means laurel tree.
  • Family back round: Father is Peneius, the river god and Daphne's mother is unknown.
  • Symbols associated with her: her laurel tree is the symbol of victory in Greek's culture and for the God Apollo.

What is a nymph: Minor nature goddesses, thought of as beautiful maidens living in rivers, trees, and so on.