typon.jpgEchidna was Typhons wife and mother of

Echidna's Myth

Echidna lived wih Typhon in Asia. She once stole the horses of Heracles, and would not return them until he slept with her. From this the triplets Agathyrsus, Gelanus and Scythes were born. The latter became the king of the Scythians. Waist and above was a woman. But below the waist was two scaly snake tails that rattled. She kept her children safe from the gods and goddesess and Zeus sparred them for adventures for future heros. She would killl warriors in their sleep if they came to close to her nest of babies.

Echidna's downfall

One night Echidna was sleeping and in her sleep Argus Panoptes the hundred eyed giant killed Echidna.

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