Eos: The Goddess of Dawn

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Name: Eos
Roman name: Aurora

Eos was said to be a lovley woman. Many sources say that she was "Rosy Fingered", and she also wears saffron robes.

Goddess of Dawn

Eos's parents were Hyperion and Theia. She also had two siblings, Helios and Selene. Her husband is Thitonus. Eos had many affairs leading to many children. She had two children with Thitonus, named Memnon and Emathion. She had one child with Cephalus, named Phaeton. She also had several other children with Astraeus such as Zephyrus, Boreas, and Notos.

She had this many affairs because she was under a curse to be in love by Aphrodite. Aphrodite was jealous of Eos's affair with Ares, so she punished Eos to always be in love. Eos had a thing for mortals, and so most of her affairs were with them.

Symbols associated with Eos include a dew drop and sometimes the sun.
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Eos is said to bring the sun up every morning and open the gates of heaven. To bring dawn, Eos rides her golden chariot (pulled by winged horses) across the sky, and she announces the light to the immortals. It is said that Eos's tears make the dew in the grass.

An Episode from Eos's life:

Because of Eos's numerous affairs, she had multiple children. Her first children she had were with Thitonus. Her son Memnon fought in the trojan war, and was destined for death. Eos became upset and begged Zeus for her son's immortality. Eos then sent her son to Ethiopia. He became the king there. But her son's destiny was to die, and when Akhilleus slayed Memnon, Eos cried and her tears made the dew in the fields.
This Episode illistrates on of Eos's characteristics (Her dew making tears).

Eos Also appears in the Illiad and the Oddessy.
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