These are the three furies attacking Orestes
The Furies are three sisters and they are the Roman goddesses of vengeance. In Greece they are refered to as Erinyes. Their names are Alecto, who is the endless one and their leader, Tesephone, who is the retaliator, and Magaera, who is the grudging. They are the daughters of Uranus, and Gaia. Their symbols are blood and snakes. They were responsible to punish people who commited crimes, and were also the guardians of state and law. A time in their lifes that really reflects their unique characteristics is when Virgil banished them to the Underworld to torment the sinners down there. I think it is really unique that they love to torment people, because normally people would'nt like to do that.

Orestes, (who was the brother of Electra) murdered his mom, and was then hounded by the Furies. Orestes begged Athena for relief of the Furies torment at the Acropolis at Athens. The Olympian Gods Declared Orestes innocent after a trial. Then one of the three Furies said that if that he remained innocent she would let a drop of her blood fall on the earths ground which would kill all the plants and crops and in turn destroy all the Athenian people. Athena bribed the Furies with amazing offers of honor, and residence in Athens where they would be worshiped. Athena finnally conviced the three to stop harassing Orestes. Some say the rest of the winged pack of Furies still harassed Orestes untill he gave them an offering of a black sheep. Orestes was so gratefull that he then renamed them Eumenides (Kindly Ones)

These are the three Fates
Fates are goddeses that determine a peoples Fate. A someones fate is basically what they are destined for in their future;what is going to happen to them that they cannot control. Their Roman name is Morae. There are three Fates, ther names are: Klotho, Atropos, and Lakhesis. They are the daughters of Zeus and Themis. Themis is the daughter of Gaia and the goddess of justice. The three Fates each have different jobs. Klotho, determines someones birth, Lakhesis determines how long someones life is, and Atropos determines someones death. A symbol asosiated with the the three Fates are three moons. Something that happened to the Fates during their life that really describes their personallity is, when they armed themselves with clubs and used them to kill some Giants during the war between the Giants and the Olympians.

When Meleager (the hero) was a baby the Fates declared that he would die. They said that he would die when the log in the hearth burnt out. Klotho said that he'd be noble, Lakhesis said that he'd be brave, but Atropos looking at the partialy burnt out wood in the hearth said that he would live as long as the partially burnt out wood in the hearth remains unconsumed. Then hearing what the Fates sad his Mom snatched up the log and hid it in a closet. Years later Meleager killed his uncles, and his mom. Then consumed in his own grief he snatched up the old log from the closet and put it in the hearth to burn it. Just as the Fates said, Meleger was dead.

These are the three Graces
The three Graces are the daughters of Zeus and a nymph named Eurynome. They are the Godesses of charm, joy and beauty. They showed up at many social events like, baquets, and dances. They also sang, and danced to the Gods on Mt. Olympus. The symbols for the Graces are a rose, a myrtle, and a dice. The Roman name for the Graces is Charities. The names of the Graces are Aglaea, who is the goddess of splendor, Thalia, who is the goddess of good cheer, and Euphrosyne, who is the goddess of mirth. The three Graces have played a huge part in Roman art. Something in their life that really represents the Graces unique characteristics is the fact that they always accompany Aphrodite because there realms of power are similar. The three Graces are the goddesses of charm and beauty, and Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty.

Aphrodite and Ares secretly laid in bed together in the bed of Aphroditess husband Hephaestus. Helios who is the sun of Paethon noticed the two lovers together and immediately went and told Hephaestus what he saw Ares and Aphrodite. Hephaestus got to work building a trap to insnare the lovers. Of course they got insnared into the trap. Then Hephaestus stood before the other Olympian Gods and demanded his gifts of courtship to be given back to him. Poseidon who is the Lord of the sea offered to pay for the adulterers crime, if Ares defaulted and Hephaestus loosen the bonds. When Aphrodite was finnally freed she went to her precinct on the island of Kypros where the three Graces bathed her, and Ares went thraceward. Apollon then asked Hermes what he would do in that kind of a situation and Hermes said that he would suffer three times the bonds Ares suffered if he could share a bed with Aphrodite the Golden.