This page is about the Greek myths that include Hera!

Hera tries to kill Hercules

This is one of the most popular myths told today. It was the most memorable and interesting in my opinion.
Zeus had just run off with another mortal. When Hera found out that Zeus was having another affair, she got very angry. She decided that she would get revenge. The mortal had gotten pregnant and that is when Hera thought up her evil plan. One night when Hercules, the mortal woman's child, was in his crib Hera sent snakes to kill him. He ended up wrestling the snakes and it was clear that Hercules got his strength from his father. Hera was very upset about this and always hated him, but she knew she could never kill him, so she gave up.
This is a statue of Heracles
This is a cartoon picture of Heracles

Hera makes mortal stay cow forever
One day when Zeus was with one of his mortal wives he saw Hera coming. He decided to turn her into a cow until Hera left. Hera was too smart for Zeus, though. She knew that the cow was a mortal, so she made Zeus give her the cow. After that she made Argo guard the cow. Hera's plans were for Io, the mortal wives name, to be a cow forever, but her plans did not come out that way. Hermes, the messenger between the gods, changed into a shepherd and told Argos a very long story. This resulted in Argos falling asleep and Io getting away. She ran to Egypt where she became queen.
This is Io as a cow

A story from my life, told by Hera
Toward the end of the myth "Jason and the Argonauts" Jason decided that he didn't love Madea anymore. This upset me greatly for Jason had promised to love her until he lay dead. Along with that Madea had done so much for Jason to protect him. When I saw this happening from above on my throne I immediately lost his trust and no longer helped him. I watched as Madea got even with him. Although Madea shouldn't have killed Jason's children, I understood why and let her live in Mount Olympus. Now you see how I use my title in real life. I have power among all of the gods and goddesses along with the many creatures that roam the earth.
This is a statue of Jason

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