Hades is God of the Underworld and the Dead.
Hades is also the God of Wealth because items like crops and valuable metals came from his realm. One very fascinating possesion that Hades has is a helmet that was given to him by the Cyclops. The helmet makes the person whoever is wearing it invisible. Hades sometimes lets both mortals and immortals wear the helmet. If someone does go into the underworld they are not allowed to return except for Presephone Hades wife. So what the symbols that identify Hades? The plants sacred to him are the cypress and narcissus. Some more are a sceptre, Cerberus, a cap of invisibility, the key to the underworld, and a two pronged staff.

Hades is the son of Cronus and Rhea two very famous gods and godessess. His brothers are Zeus and Poseidon. After Zeus took the throne from their father Cronus, the three brothers drew lots to divide shares of the world amongst themselves. Zeus had the first and best draw making himself god of the heavens. Poseidon, drew the seond best slot claiming dominion over the sea. Finally Hades was left with rule over the Underworld. The Romans eventually took Greek Mythology and renamed the characters. Hades Roman name is Pluto.

Myth of Demeter and Presephone
This tale tells about Hades and his wife Persephone. Hades was so amazed by Persephone’s charms that instead of wooing her, he abducted her against her will and dragged her to The Underworld. Hades and Zeus had planned to take the young girl away in secret but their plans were foiled when Helios saw that the plan was evil and told Demeter the fate of her child. Persephone was helpless against the wiles of Zeus and was the unwilling captive of Hades. After several years Demeter found a way to force Zeus’ to free her daughter.

Demeter created a great famine that made crops not grow and have feilds stay empty. Zues and others worried this would be the end of civilization and there would be no one to worship the gods. T
he immortals begged Demeter to forgive Hades but she would not budge. Zues then sent Hermes to make Hades give back Persephone. Although Hades was sympathetic he wanted to keep his bride. Hades then tricked Persephone into eating a honey sweet pomegranete seed that made her forever bound to him. Pesephone was allowed to see her mother but only for a temporary time. Demeter was filled with joy when Persephone came to her but her joy was tempered when she found out about the pomegranite seed. Demeter was the only one who could change her heart. After Rhea pleaded to Demeter she lifted the curse and the famine ended. It was announced that Persephone was allowed to spend two thirds of the year with her mother and the remaining time with her husband. Every time Persephone is with her mother the world is pleasant with light rain and beautiful days but when she is with Hades the weather is very harsh.

Hades Symbol


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