In the beginnig, nothing was there. from this nothingness, there came, Gaia, Mother Nature, and Uranus, the sky. from these two, there came twelve titans. three of these titans were the hecatoncheires. Their father hid the hecatoncheires, as well as the cyclopes in a place called tartarus, a gloomy place where nobody wants to be. the reason he did this was either because they were terrible, or they were just hated from the first. Uranus was as happy as can be after throwing them into tartarus. But Gaia, didnt want her children to be treated like prisoners. so she talked the titans into revolting against Uranus. And the Titans
attacked and took their fathers throne away from him.

Now the Titan, Cronos was disgusted with hid deeds, so he threw the hecatoncheires back into tartarus, just as he had gained his power. Some say he was just jealous of their manhood. In Tartarus, the Hecatoncheires were by Campe, a giant jaileress with serpants as strands of hairs, and sea-monsters scales from the chest all the way down to the knees.

Cronus was the victim of being fought for ten years by Zeus, the other gods and his children. Gaia then claimed Zeus to have won, if he knew the whereabouts of the hecatoncheires, and the cyclopes. So after killing Campe, he freed the Hecatoncheires and Cyclopes. And after Zeus had freed them, he gave them nectar and ambrosia, to awaken their spirits. The gods then armed themselves with the weapons the cyclopes had given them and helped by the many missiles of the Hecatoncheires. When the gods were ready they overcame the The Titans.

Many people say that the hecatoncheires fought quite harshly. they could throw three hundred rocks and succesfully hit the enemy at the same time. When The Titans were imprisoned in tartarus, Zeus told the Hecatoncheires toguard them.

Later on, Zeus freed The Titans, and Cottus and Gyges went to live in the ocean.
The Hecatoncheires were known as Briares the Vigorous, also called Aigaion (Latinized as Aegaeon) the "sea goat", Cottus the Striker or the Furious, and Gyges (or Gyes) the Big-Limbed.

  • Also pronounced as Hekatonkheires
  • The Hecatoncheires were also known as the centimani

The Hecatoncheires (100-handers) contains the Greek word for hand (cheir). Cheir is found in the word chiromancy or cheiromancy, which is also known as palm-reading or palmistry.
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Cymopolea was given cby her father Poseidon because of his braveness in the war against The Titans.