Helios was the god of the sun.
Helios was the god of the sun.


Helios was the sun of Hyperion and Theia.

His Roman name is Sol.

Helios was a sibling of Selene.

Helios was the young Greek god of the sun.

Helios is specially worshipped on the Greek island of Rhodes.

Every year, the gymnastics portion of the Olympics are held in his honor.

By Perse, he became the father of Aeetes, Circe, and Pasiphae.

His other children are Phaethusa, Lampetia and Phaeton.

Each morning at the time of dawn, he would rise from the ocean in the east and rides in his chariot which was pulled by four horses.

The Horses which the chariot was pulled by were Pyrois, Eos, Aethon and Phlegon.

The four horses represented the four seasons.

He was carried through the sky and at night, he would disappear into the west.

Helios was respected as the sun god in the east, but then he moved to Greece.

The Colossus of Rhodes was built in his honor.

A part of the Athena temple was in his honor.

He was often shown as a child with a halo, standing in a chariot and occasionally wearing a robe.

His attributes are the whip and the globe.

Helios' sacred animals were the cock and the eagle.

He was known to see all.

He was called by witnesses in the time of need.

He became more important by Apollo.

Colussus of Rhodes
Colussus of Rhodes


Helios was included in parts of the Odyssey.

Odysseus and his companions were denied to come home because that had devoured Helios' oxen.

Helios told Hephaestus that Ares was falling in love with Aphrodite.

Circe warns Odysseus not to eat the sheep or cattle of Helios.

Although they were previously warned, Odysseus and his crew snacked on Helios' cattle for seven days.

Zeus makes a promise to Helios' that Odysseus will be punished for eating the cattle of Helios.

Helios was included in the Illiad

Zeus drew a golden cloud around himself and Hera and promises her that not even Helios can see them.

While attempting to apologize to Achilles, Agamemnon wished to feast on a boar and dedicate it to Zeus and Helios.

Menelaos preparos to fight Alexandros and he says that they should sacrifice three lambs. One for Gaia, Helios and Zeus.

A popular myth Helios was included in was in the myth of Phaeton,his son.

When Phaeton found out that his father was Helios, he set out to the east to meet him. He convinced his father to let him drive his chariot across the sky for one day. His father agreed upon the request and let Phaeton drive his chariot through the heavens for one day. When he got on the chariot, the horses which were pulling it felt like they were being controlled by a weaker hand. Therefore the horses left their coarse and came so close to the earth that it almost burned. However Zeus noticed the danger and he threw a thunderbolt at Phaeton and killed him. Phaeton fell down into the Eridanus river and was later found by the river nymphs. They felt sorry for him and buried him.