Hephaetus's Symbol

Hephaestus (Vulcan, Roman Name) was born weak and crippled. Displeased by the sight of her son,
Hera threw Hephaestus from Mount Olympus, and he fell for a whole 9 days before landing in the
sea. In other stories, Hephaetus interceded in a fight between Zeus and Hera, so Zeus threw him
of Mt. Olympus. Nymphs rescued him and took him to Lemnos, where the people of the island
cared for him. It was on Lemnos where he built his palace and his forge under a volcano. Hepheatus
"thanked" his parents for their lovingness by giving Hera a throne that was as hot as fire and trapped
her in it. To let her go, he would need a wife and a throne. In return for his queens release, Zeus gave
Hephaetus a throne on Olympus, and a wife, Aphrodite.

The Island Of Lemnos, Hepaestus's Mortal Home Mt. Etna, Greece, Hephaetus's Main Forge

A Quick Overview Of Hephaetus
Hephaestus Facts
  1. Immune to Fire
  2. Husband of Aphrodite
  3. God of the Blacksmith's Fire
  4. Mt. Etna is Hephaetus's Main Forge
  5. Son of Zeus and Hera
  6. Created the first woman, Pandora
  7. Blacksmith to the Gods.

1. Hephaestus gave King Aeetes two fire-breathing bulls.
2. Hephaestus made the Necklace of Harmonia.
3. Hephaestus made a golden bed for Helios, the sun god

Since Hephaestus was son of Zeus, he was under his command. Zeus wanted to never give man fire, because the use of fire in the mortals hands could eventually overthrow the gods. Prometheus saw this differently, so he gave man fire, and that got Zeus mad. So Zeus had Hepaestus chain Prometheus to a rock on Mount Caucasus.
Map of Mount Caucasus

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