This is the goddess, Hera.
Hera's Roman name is Juno

This Page is all about the goddess, Hera!

Hera was the goddess of love and marriage. She was also the wife of Zeus. Zeus was known for having affairs with mortal women. Wether it was volentary or involentary to that woman, Zeus was with whoever he wanted. When Hera found out about his affairs she started to punish the women. To find out what she did, visit the "Greek Myths that Include Hera" page. To view this page click here!

Hera had three children. There names were Ares, Hebe, and Eileithiya. She also had two other children who are said to not be Zeus'. There names were Hephaestus and Typhaon. Typhaon was born without Zeus at all and Hephaestus' father was unknown. Hera made herself give birth to Typhaon out of jelousy. This ended up badly because Typhaon was weak and useless, making Zeus banish him. Zeus also had a child, (along with all his half mortal children) her name was Athena. An oracle explained that if Zeus had a child with his mortal wife and it was a son, then his son would be greater and stronger than him. This made him mad and to make sure she didn't have any kids, he swallowed her. This was not OK with the woman, so she concieved inside of Zeus. This resulted in Athena being born out of Zeus' head, making her the goddess of wisdom.

As I said before, Hera had the power to punish people. She didn't use her own powers though. Since she was the Queen of all the gods and goddesses, she would get whatever she wanted. Like to punish a mortal. The way she did this was by asking another god or goddess who could. Of course they would so she never worried about anything that she thought she couldn't accomplish. Hera doesn't have a power persay. She was the goddess of love and marriage, but she couldn't really do anything about love and marriage. People could make her happy or angry with their decisions of love and marriage, but a specific gift was not given to Hera. She did however have superstrengh and could transport to wherever she wanted. The way people offered to her was by swearing to love, whoever they loved, forever. This was what made her happy, but when someone broke that swear she got very angrey. An example about someone breaking their love promise is told on the "Greek Myths that Include Hera" page. To see that page click here! There will be a special section on that page labled "A story from my life, told by Hera". That is where you will find that paticular myth!

Other interesting information about Hera includes many different varieties of her life. One thing that is pretty interesting is that Hera had never punished Zeus for his affiars. She would sometimes confront him, but not often and that surprised may people. It is told that Hera would leave Mout Olympus until Zeus would apolligize to her and give her a gift. this was how she punished Zeus. By making him feel guilty! I guess she liked to use the old fashion way of punishing someone! Another interesting fact about Hera is that she usually didn't kill the women she punished. She would try to kill their children, but rarly the actuall woman. She liked to make them suffer in some way, like how she tried to turn Io into a cow forever. Those were the types of punishments she liked I guess. The last thing that I wanted to tell you about was how Hera could controll everyone but Zeus (and even him she could somewhat controll), yet she had no real power. This surprised me alot! I hope you learned alot about Hera from my page. Just remember to visit all of the other pages that I had linked to. You can just click on the highlighted words and you will be at that page. Thanks for reading my Hera page!

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