Hearcles was the son of Zeus and Alcmene. Heracles tranlates to "Glory of Hera". He was the half brother of Perseus. One of the greatest things Heracles did was kill the Lion of Nemea. . Heracles is said to be the mightiest of all the heros, they say he is even stronger than many gods. They say his beatings were very brutal, and violent, although, he would also do anything for a friend. However in Roman Mythology he was called Hercules and they worshiped him as a god.

Hera had never liked Heracles because he was the offspring of her Husband (Zeus) with another woman (Alcmene). In One myth Hera tries to kill Heracles. When Heracles was in his crib Hera sent snakes to kill him. Heracles fought off the snakes and they say this is where Heracles got his incredible strength from.

The Tweleve Labors of Heracles

1. The Nemean Lion

King Eurystheus he told Heracles to prove he killed the Nemean Lion he had to bring its skin. With the lion coming at him Heracles stabbed the lion in the back. He came back to the King and said my first task is done.

2. The Hydra

King Eurytheus told Heracles his next task was to kill the monster Hydra. Hydra lives in the swamp of Lerna he told Heracles. Heracles went out and found Hydra. Heracles had to cut off all the heads than seal it with a burning torch and that's what he did.

3.Capture Cerynean Hind

This was no regular deer this deer had bronze hooves and gold horns. People say it is sacred to Artemis. Heracles caught it in a net and carried it to Eurytheus.

4. Trapping the Erymanthian Boar

Heracles drove the Erymanthian Boar when he trapped it he tied it in chains.

5. Cleaning Augean Stables

Heracles was told to clean King Augeus's stables which hadn't been cleaned for years. He put all the dumping in the river nearby.

6.Getting rid of Stymphalian Birds

Theman-eating birds had bronze beaks, claws and wings. Heracles screamed at them and as they flew up he hit them with arrows.

7. Capturing the Certan Bull

This bull was the father of the Minotaur. Heracles managed to get hold of the and brought it to Eurystheus by boat.

8. Rounding up mares of Diomedes

Heracles killed Diomedes and fed them to the mares. This kept them under control.

9. Hippolyte's Belt

Hippolyte was the queen of the amazons. She was going to give Heracles the belt but Hera told Hippolyte Heracles was hunting her. She sent a army after Heracles. Heracles had to fight them off to get the belt.

10. Cattle of Geryon

Heracles had to kill Orthrus the two headed dog with three bodies. He killed Orthrus and drove the cattle home. On his way he placed two pillars, one in Spain and one in Morocco to guard the Mediterranean.

11. Golden apples of the Hesperides

This golden apple belonged to Hera. Heracles had Atlas go get the apples. Atlas returned with the apples. Atlas thought he would bring the apples to Eurytheus himself. Heracles thought,he quickly took the apples and he made his escape.

12. Cerberus

Cerberus was a huge three-headed dog who guarded the gates of the underworld. Pluto told Heracles he could take Cerberus as long as there was no weapons. Heracles had to drag Cerberus all the way to Eurytheus.

Heracles later married Deianeira and had children. Hera finally caused Heracles death. She told Deianeira to give Heracles a magic robe. It caused Heracles pain and he couldn't take it off.


Heracles fighting Hydra
Heracles fighting Hydra