• Hermes was the Messenger god who was to help and give messages to gods, mortals and heroes. In roman religion, Hermes was also called Mercury. Hermes was the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia. Maia gave birth to him in a cave in Mount Cyllene in Arcadia.
  • People also believed he was raised by the son of the king of Arcadia. Hermes was known for his shoes with the wings on them and that was one of his symbols. Hermes was able to fly and travel from Mount Olympus to The Underworld and the mortal world.
  • He was in a lot of myths giving messages and gifts to gods, heroes and mortals. Hermes was also known for stealing things; Hermes stole the Cattle of Apollo. Apollo went to Mount Cyllene. Maia showed him a child in a cradle and Apollo took the child and showed it to Zeus and claimed the cattle back. Hermes was forced to lead Apollo back to his cattle.
  • Here are some of the myths he was in. The Gorgon's Head, Demeter and Persephone and Pandora's box. In the myth, The gorgons Head, Hermes gives Perseus the shield that Perseus can look into and see the reflection of Medusa's face, the shoes with the wings on it and the invisibility cap. In the myth Demeter and Persephone, Hermes was sent down to the underworld to get Persephone. He got her and brought her back to Demeter. In the myth Pandora's Box, Hermes gave Pandora the box that contained hope and all the evils in the world. Pandora promised him not to open the box but she did anyway because the gods gave her to much curiousity.
  • Hermes also protected a lot of people. He protected Dionysus form the wrath of Hera when he was a young boy. He entrusted the kid to Athmas and persuaded him to raise him as a girl. He also protected Pandora from the gods when she opened the box. When Typhon revolted against heaven, Hermes was wearing Hades invisibility cap and defeated the giants.
  • Hermes was a great god and helped people a lot. He was in many myths and is own for winged shoes and the ability to travel form place to place.Hermes also took the dead to the ferryman, Charon. Hermes is not worshipped today but he was a big god in Greek Mythology.
Corinne B.