King Midas and the Golden Touch

The golden touch
Greek Myth Version of King Midas and the Golden Touch

King Midas was a kind man. He ruled his kingdom, Phrygia fairly well. But he never thought deeply of what he said, which later on caused him trouble. One day King Midas found an old, drunk satyr asleep in the flowers in his garden. Although King Midas was not happy at all, he did not punish the satyr for these actions. Somehow Dionysus, the god of wine, heard about this event. Dionysus was pleased on how King Midas did not punish the satyr for his inconsiderate actions. For this deed, King Midas was awarded one wish. Without thinking through his decision well, he wished for everything he touched to turn to gold. Dionysus was hesitant to grant this wish and asked if King Midas was okay with it. King Midas said it did not bother him and the wish was granted. He thought it would bring him lots of wealth.


When King Midas got home he was eager to try the golden touch. The very first thing he touched was a bowl of fruit. Next he landed his finger on a stool. Then King Midas touched a lambkin¹. Next thing you know, all three objects turned into pure gold! King Midas ran to go show his daughter. He grabbed her by the hand to show what he could do. That turned out to be a huge mistake. The golden touch turned his daughter into gold! What a mistake that was! King Midas was obviously not happy with his actions. He asked if Dionysus could get rid of the magic golden touch. Dionysus granted this request and everything was back to normal. In the end, King Midas knew that he should think about what he says more.

¹= A Lambkin is another word for a young lamb.

Phrygia is the modern day country of Turkey.

Fairytale version

Today in the modern world, most people know of King Midas as a character from a story book. Most of the people in the world have read this myth as fairytale. Down below is a picture of a book cover. In the various fairytale versions, they do not include Dionysus. Fairytale versions also do not include who King Midas got the golden touch. If someone really wants to learn about this myth, do not learn from the fairytale version. It has no detail at all and has no hard facts in the story.

A cover of a book about the myth. This is the fairy tale version of it.

King Midas touched a lot of things that turned to gold

Pop Culture Today

King Midas or Midas, the name itself, is featured in pop culture today. One example is the car care company "Midas". Their slogan even is "It's the Midas touch!", in reference to the golden touch. There was even a movie on King Midas in 2003. That goes to show how a stories and myths get passed on from generation to generation.