Morpheus is the Greek god of Dreams, the name "Morpheus" means "he who shapes". Morpheus has the power to appear in peoples dreams in the shape of a man. He is one of The Six Titans and is the son of Hypnos the god of sleep. His mother is Nyx the goddess of night and his brothers are Phobetor, Icelus and Phantasos. Morpheus, often will go into peoples dreams and make them have nightmares or good dreams. Some people say that he would appear in their dreams to tell them what was about to happen in the future, usually in war. In the "Iliad" Homer mentions Morpheus as a "dream". He sleps in a dark hidden cave decorated with poppy flowers.


Morpheus played an important role as a god; he was the leader of the Oneriroi tribe. The tribe was made up of himself and his three brothers, Icelus, Phobetor and Phantos. The Oneriroi were a well-known tribe and had the duty of creating dreams for humans. They were often asked to create dreams to warn mortals of danger and future experiences. This was especially important in the case of kings, queens, heroes and heroines, such as Queen Penelope and Agamemnexternal image MORPHEUS.gifon. Even today Morpheus still comes up in our culture, one example is that he is in the final book of the Percy Jackson series, "The Last Olympian".

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