external image image002.gifThe Nemean lion was a very vicious monster. It was said to have been the offspring of Typhon and Echidna. The monster lived in the city of Nemea and had impenetrable skin. Later on Heracles came to slay it as one of his 12 labors:kill the lion to get it's skin. Heracles soon realized that no weapon could harm it so he wrestled it with his bare hands. There was no way Heracles could just hit the lion and kill it. So he took the lions claws and made the lion cut it's chest. After Heracles killed the lion he had to get the skin off. So he had to use the lions own claws to skin the lion. Then he took the skin and gave it to King Eurystheus as a cloak. The villagers believed that the lion had kidnapped a young woman. No one knew how he kept her there or how he was feeding her. So every once in a while someone would go to the lions cave and try to rescue her only never to be seen again.