Nemesis is the goddess of revenge, and punishes those that commit bad deeds. She is the one who would watch out for danger and keep things safe.

Nemesis' name in roman is, Invidia.

Nemesis coin
Nemesis coin

Nobody wanted to be punished by Nemesis, and even today her name means:
1.Someone who seeks and inflicts danger.
2.An opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome.
3.One that always gets revenge.
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Nemesis' Temple
Nemesis' Temple

Nemesis was worshiped at Rome by successful generals, and in imperial times, by those who fought in the arena with wild beasts. In the 3rd century A.D. there was evidince of Nemesis being worshiped by a society called Nemesiaci.
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Nemesis, the messenger of justice, Retribution, and the one who established the act that moves the soul from body to body. Therefore she is feared; but some artists, being persuaded that Nemesis displays herself as a consequence of love, have given wings to Nemesis as they do to love, who also appears winged.

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It is told that when Zeus attempted to mate with Nemesis, she changed into a fish and other creatures in order to escape him. But when she turned into a goose, the god, turning himself into a swan, consorted with her. As the fruit of their love, she laid an egg that was discovered by a shepherd who gave it to Leda. From this egg, Helena (the curse of Trojans) was hatched in due time, being brought up as Leda's daughter.

Nemesis' destroyed temple
Nemesis' destroyed temple

Nemesis' temple was found in 1891, with its walls completely
down and nothing standing. It was built as a rectangular room
8m by 6.5m.

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