Nike: T he Goddess Of Victory.

Nike's Family Background

Nike was the goddess of victory. She was the daughter of Pallas (Titan), and Styx (Water). She was also the sister of Cratos (Strength), Bia (Force), and Zeus (Rivalry). Nike and her family (siblings) were all attendants of Zeus when the cult gained the position of the dominant deity of the Greek Parthenon. Nike often appeared with wings in most statues and paintings. She was the goddess of strength, speed, and victory, and was also in very close acquaintance with Athena, goddess of Wisdom. Names which have sourced from this goddess are Nick, Nicholas, and Nicola.
Despite being half-Titan by her father Pallas, Nike fought against the Titans on the side of the Olympians, which is why she is the goddess of victory, in attempt to defeat the titans.

Nike in Today's Culture

  • A very popular shoe and sports company 'Nike inc.' is named after the Greek goddess Nike, who represents victory and strength.
  • A statue of Nike was the design of the first FIFA World Cup trophy.
  • Since the 1928 Summer Olympics, every Olympic medal has Nike's figure holding a palm in her left ha
    This is how Nike usually appears.
    nd, and a winner’s crown in her right hand.
  • Project Nike is an anti aircraft missile system.

Nike's Abilities and Other Interesting Facts about Nike

Nike's symbol's or things that she appears with is how she appears on the face of the Olympic medals. Usually with a crown in one hand, meaning victory, and a palm in the other, and she also has wings on either side of her. Those are all the symbol's that represent Nike. For example, the successful shoe company Nike, uses the 'swish' symbol, which is supposed to be symbolizing Nike when the swish looks like one of her wings.

Nike is known to help claim your victory's in life. Her ability was running and flying at extremely fast speeds. She had wings on either side of her that helped her travel. Nike is often worshipped with Athena, and used to sponsor sports company's to represent victory and strength. Nike, although she represents Olympics and all these great company's and everything, she is not actually associated in any myths that prove or explain why she is the goddess of strength and victory.
Nike and how she appears on the Olympics gold medal representing victory.