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Orpheus was the son of the oldest muse(Calliope) and Apollo. He was the greatest musician ever and he played songs that could charm wild beasts and make even rocks and trees move. He was one of the Argonauts during the quest for the Golden Fleece. When the Argonauts were passing the Sirens, he played his music so loud and beautiful that they sailed pass the Sirens without anybody leaping into the river.

The most famous myth of Orpheus is about when he loses his wife Eurydice when she gets bitten by a snake. She is claimed to Hades and Orpheus tries to save her from the
Once he gets to the Underworld he uses his charming music skills to convince Charon to give him a ride across the river Styx. Orpheus then passes Cerberus with his enchanting songs. Finally when he reaches Hades, he uses his lovely songs to even shead a tear from the great go Hades and made Persephone weep. Hades finally agrees to let Eurydice go under one condition; that Orpheus should not look back at her until they pass the entrance of the Underworld. Filled with joy, Orpheus started to walk back to the world, but soon is filled with curiosity and right before they reach the exit of the Underworld, Orpheus decides to take a quick glance at her. Right when he looks back at her, Hermes then comes again to bring her back to the Underworld as shown in the picture above. Orpheus was filled with sadness at the second loss of his wife. His music that he played was so depressing that a group of Ciconian Maenads, female devotees of Dionysus, came up to him one day as he sat singing underneath a tree and attacked him with rocks and stones. But the rocks refused to attack him because of his music. Finally, the Ciconian Maenads went up to him and killed him. Orpheus' head floated down the river until he was found on the isle of Lesbos as shown below. There he was buried as the greatest musician of all time.

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