pandora.jpgPandora’s Box

In Greek Mythology, Pandora, also known as Anesidora, was the first woman having no parents, but created by the gods. All the gods gave her unique gifts to help create her. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to craft Pandora out of Earth. The ancient myth of Pandora is recited and told in many different ways, but all of the versions of the myth answer the question of why evil exists in the world.

The myth starts when Pandora was created to be the wife of
Titan Epimetheus, who was the brother of the god Prometheus. Before sending her to earth, the gods held a big banquet and Hermes, the Messenger god, presented Pandora with a beautiful box. But Hermes warned Pandora that she must never open the box! Hermes took Pandora by the hand and brought her down to earth from Mount Olympus. Pandora settled into her home and became a loyal wife, baking and tending the garden. She thought of herself as the happiest bride in the world as she played tunes and joyfully danced for her new husband.

But Pandora was tortured by curiosity every day. At first she kept the golden box on the table and polished it so that visitors could notice it. Pandora wondered what the box contained. She wanted to open the box, but Pandora could not break her promise to Hermes. She locked the box in a wooden chest to prevent herself from opening the box.

Pandora was so anxious to open the box, she wanted to obey the gods, but curiosity was eating at her mind. Pandora opened the chest and took one little peek in the gift. When Pandora opened the box, she found out that it was a huge mistake. Slightly opening it, all evil was exposed to earth. In horror she slammed the box shut, but it was too late; Evil had been unleashed. Illness, depression, sorrow, pain and death were all mixed together to create evil in the world. Pandora was so sickened that she let her curious side get the best of her.

Just when Pandora thought everything had gone wrong, still left at the bottom of the box, was a small spirit of HOPE. Deep down inside the terrible box was something that maybe could even cure sorrow, pain and misery. The myth of Pandora, answers the question of why we have evil in the world, and why we have the wonderful gift of hope.