This is the story of Penelope and Telemachus, Odysseus' wife and son, while Odysseus was away. It is a part of the story, The Odyssey. Odysseus had gone away to the Trojan War to bring back Helen. The war had ended ten years ago and Odysseus still had not returned. Many suitors went to Penelope and asked her to marry them. Whoever was to marry Penelope would also become King of Ithaca. Penelope turned them all away. Soon they went into Penelope and Telemachus' home and lived there, sure Odysseus was dead. Penelope and Telemachus could not turn them away. To stop them from pestering her, Penelope told them she would choose whom she would marry once she finished weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus. Penelope never wished to marry any of these men, so every night she unraveled what she had woven that day so she never finished weaving it. Unfortunately, the suitors discovered what Penelope was doing in order to not marry them and became more and more emboldened.
Telemachus did not want his mother to marry any of these suitors, so he set out secretly to find news of his father. He went to King Menelaus and asked him about his father. King Menelaus told Telemachus that Odysseus was still alive and was being imprisoned by Calypso on her island. While Telemachus was away finding information about his father, the suitors made plans to murder him. Odysseus finally makes his way home with the help of the gods Athena, Zeus and Hermes. Odysseus has a very long and difficult journey and when he finally arrives at Ithaca, Athena calls Telemachus back to Ithaca. Once Athena tells Telemachus and Odysseus what the suitors are planing, she transforms Odysseus into an old beggar. Odysseus goes to the suitors. They are rude to him and finally one challenges him. He then kills them all and goes to Penelope. Once he proves to her who he really is by answering a question, he returns to himself and then he, Telemachus and Penelope become a family once again.

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