Glaucus and Scylla


Scylla was the first beautiful nymph in Greek mythology. A nymph is a beautiful girl who is usually associated with the natural world, such as trees, water, or mountains. Ovid, the Roman Poet, told about how The sea-god Glaucus fell in love with Scylla when he saw her walking along the shore. But Scylla did not love him and never would love him. But Glaucus didn't give up hope. Instead he went for help from the sorceress of Circe. But Circe refused to help him and told him to love her instead of Scylla, but he would not. Circe was angry and in rage turned Scylla into a sea monster who was part woman and part fish with dog heads growing out of her waist. The years went on and Scylla now lived in a cave above the Straight of Messina. Scylla seized and ate sailors that came too close to her.

CHARYBDIS AND SCYLLA: Charybdis was another sea-monster who was on the other side of the Straight of Messina. Charybdis was once a beautiful naiad and daughter of Poseidon and Gaia. Charybdis was very loyal to her father during his fued with Zeus. She would lead tides to the shore after Poseidon had stirred up an angry storm. When the tides reached the shore it caused villages would be gobbled up killiong many people. This made Zeus very angry. In rage he turned Charybdis into a sea-monster. Three times a day Charybdis would swallow huge amounts of water, later blenching them back out. This created whirlpools. Sailors who tried to pass would have to choose to either go closer to Scylla or Charybdis. Most chose Scylla and risked a few sailors on their crew rather than going closer to Charybdis and losing their whole ship to a whirlpool.

SYMBOLS OF SCYLLA: Scylla is usually symbolized as a crab.

SCYLLA'S RELATIVES: Scylla was the daughter of Nisus. Nisus was the king of Megara. Nisus had a purple strand of hair that contain a magic power. When the hair was preserved, it would garentee Nisus life and power over his kingdom forever. When Scylla fell in love with Minos, king of Crete, she betrayed her city by cutting off her fathers purple lock. Nisus then killed himself and was transformed into a sea eagle.

Here are some vocabulary words mentioned in the wiki:

Nymph- A Nymph is a beautiful girl who is associated in some way with nature. To learn more go to The Nymphs.
Naiad- A Naiad was a type of Nymph who gave life to springs, fountains, rivers, and lakes.
Whirlpool- A whirlpool is water in a rapid, violent whirling motion.