Selene is the moon goddess. Her responsibility is to watch the moon and it's luner cycle. In Roman mythology her name is Luna which is Latin for moon. The moon is the symbol that Selene is usually seen with. Most pictures usually have Selene riding a horse or bull wearing robes and a half-moon on her head. She was worshiped in Greece at the new and full moon.
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Her parents are the Titan Hyperion who is the sun god and Titan Thea. Thea has a brother named Helios, the Sun God. Selene's sister is Eos. Eos is the God of Dawn.

Selene had love affairs with a lot of different people. The shepard Endymion who she had fifty daughters with. Another person is Zeus who she had three daughters with. Pan had given her a herd of white oxen.

When Selene was driving her horses across the sky she saw Endymion. Endymion was sleeping near his sheep. The next day Selene asked Zues if Endymion could have eternal youth and life. Zeus had done what Selene wanted. Endymion slept for eternity.
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