Sisyphus the king and founder of Corinth was considered the cleverest king who ever lived. He was so sly and daring that he would have even tried or succeed in fooling the gods. But this one day Sisyphus was up to his old tricks again and it doesn't work out so well .

Asopus the river god was looking for his daughter Aegina, and Sisyphus made a deal with him. Sisyphus would tell him where his daughter is but he also tells Asopus who took his daughter and in which case was Zeus and he was not to happy about this. Asopus finaly struck the ground, creating a spring, and. And when Asopus found Zeus he was caught off-guard, and the only thing Zeus could think of that could save himself was to turn himself into a rock, and the river gods daughter into and island that still keeps the name of Aegina.

Fuming with Sisyphus, Zeus sent Hades to bring Bring Sisyphus to the underworld for some cruel punishment for messing with Zeus. Sisyphus was wise to Zeus's plans and pretended to be honored by a visit from such a high ranking Olympian. When Sisyphus asked why Hermes, whose job it was to take shades to Hades, had not come for him, Hades thought about how to answer. In his distraction, Hades was unaware that chains were being placed around him, until it was too late. Hades had been captured by Sisyphus. Asopus (to be continued) paid for his sneaky actions and his punishment was to push a bolder up a hill and every time he neared the top the bolder would slip ad roll all the way back down. The reason Sisyphus had this cruel punishment was because of his disrespect to Zeus.