The Muses. There were nine muses. They played, sang, danced and inspierd other people to do the same. But be for there were the nine muses there were three of them. The muses pernts are Zues and Mnemosye. The names of the muses are Erato, Euterpe, Thlalia, Melpomene, Terppsichore, Urania, Clio, Ployhymnia, and Calliope. Erato, is the muse of lyrics. Euterpe, is the muse of music. Thalia, is the muse of comedy. Melpomene, is the muse of tragedy. Terpsichore, is the muse of the dance. Urania, is the muse of astronomy. Clio, is the mse of history. Polyhymnia, is the godis of hymns. Calliope, is the muse of epics.

The muses were done by me Alex T. If there are any mistakes please email me at rvste-ast thank you Alex.