Circe is the daughter of Helios, god of the sun, and Perse, an oceanid; making her sister to Aeetes and Pasiphae.
Circe inhabited the island of Aiaia, where she patiently waited for lost sailors to wander into her home. It wasn't hard to lure them in, with her unearthly beauty and velvet singing voice. Once the men were lured in, she'd trick them into being drugged with form-changing potions and EAT THEM. (mwahaha)

The Myth

Odysseus, on his journey of The Odyssey, had crossed the island of Aiaia. Desperate, sent 23 of his men into the home of Circe, to which only 1 returned.

Odysseus and his crew were tired and hungry, being at sea, and came across the island of Aiaia. In order for food and a rest, he sent his 23 men into Circe's home.
The crew of men, greeted by wolves and lions, could hear Circe's sweet singing at her loom. The men were charmed by her beauty and singing, and foolishly accepted her refreshments- potions. The men were soon morphed into completely swine and threw in a pen, to which Circe fed them.
Eurylochos, scared out of his MIND, told the story of Circe and urged to leave immediately. Odyesseus was angered and bothered by his cowardice, and almost killed Eurolochos. Odysseus claimed he was unafraid, and would not risk any few men to Circe- He entered the home of Circe alone.

Along the way, Odysseus had run into hermes in the form of a man, who told Odysseus he could free his sailors on one condition: he'd take Moly, a plant to be taken as medicine that would protect him from the affects of Circe's elixirs and potions. Just as Circe had brought up her wand to cast a spell, thinking the potion had kicked in, Odysseus drew his sword. Circe immediatley surrendered and reformed the men to human.
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Circe then released all of her once held sailors and catered to the wants and needs each of them. Odysseus and his crew left her home nourished, as Circe instructed their journey would take
them to the House of Hades, where he must consult with Teiresias to find out how he may please Poseidon and return home.