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The Odyssey A visit to the underworld.

In the epic poem the Odyssey a witch named Circe told Odysuess that the only way home is to go to the underworld. Circe also told him "when you find a pit use this sheep and sacrifice it for the spirits of the underworld cannot talk and are a fleshless existance without drinking blood". Odyssues then traveled to the underworld. When he found Elpanor, a person he knew who died and was not buried, Odyssues sacrificed the lamb. Elpanor drank the blood so he could speak to Odysuess. Elpanor told Odyssues not to leave his body unburied. After talking with Elpanor he saw his long lost mother. Although he was happy to see her again, he wept to see her in the underworld. He held off other spirits until he was able to speak with Tiresias, a famous prophet in his time. Tiresias came and told Odyssues About the prophecy that will become of him.