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The Trojan Horse. (Artists Representation)

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  • Cargo: Projected to hold 40 Men
  • Built By: Epeius

    The Trojan Horse was built as a way to get into the city of Troy. Odysseus came up with the idea that Epeius a master carpenter and pugilist (a fighter) would build a giant horse. The horse was a sacred symbol to the Trojans so they wouldn't have a choice but to take it into the city. Odysseus and many other soldiers got inside the wooden horse and were left to wait in front of the city Troy in the giant horse. The other soldiers sailed not far off the coast to the island Tenedos while Sinon a soldier stayed behind and pretended that he was angry with the Greeks because they left him. Sinon persuaded the Trojans to take the horse as an offering. The people of Troy took the horse into the city. At night the soldiers got out and they opened the gates for the solders that sailed back in from the island. That night there was were many Trojans slaughtered and the Greeks had defeated the Trojans. The Greeks then had control of the city, the surrounding land and resources, and Helen.

    Today we get the phrase "Beware of Greeks bringing gifts" from that story. Also the current version of the Trojan Horse is a computer virus. They name the virus after the horse because like the horse the true meaning is hidden and people don't get what they expect.
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The Trojan Horse

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