Typhon, also Typheus/Typhoeus, Typhaon or Typhos is the final son of Gaia, his father was tartarus, and is the most deadly monster of the underworld . Typhon attempts to destroy Zeus at the command of Gaia, because Zeus had imprisoned the titans. Typhon is the largest and most fearsome of all creatures. His human upper half reached as high as the stars. His hands reached east and west and had a hundred dragon heads on each. His bottom half was gigantic viper coils that could reach the top of his head when stretched out and made a hissing noise. His whole body was covered in wings, and fire flashed from his eyes. He was defeated by Zeus, who trapped Typhon underneath Mount Etna.
Typhon fathered many children including:

Typhon's wife was Echidna

Battle with Zeus

Typhon started destroying cities and hurling mountains in a fit of rage. Hades, with the aide of Charon, Chiron and all of the remaining heroes tried to stop him near Olympus. Cerberus refused to fight his father until Hades was pinned by Typhon's many snakes. Eventually, Typhon escaped.
All of the gods of Olympus fled to their home. Eventually, Zeus came down and, with the aide of Hades and Poseidon , managed to imprison Typhon in Mount Etna.
The enemy of the Olympian gods is described in detail by Hesiod #2 as a vast grisly monster with a hundred serpent heads "with dark flickering tongues" flashing fire from their eyes and a din of voices and a hundred serpents legs, a feature shared by many primal monsters of Greek myth that extend in serpentine or scaly coils from the waist down. The titanic struggle created earthquakes and tsunamis. Once conquered by Zeus and his thunderbolts, Typhon was cast into Tartarus, the common destiny of many archaic adversaries, or he was confined beneath Mount Etna.
Typhon is also the father of hot dangerous storm winds which come forth from the stormy pit of Tartarus, according to Hesiod.
Now the battle with typhon in the first video is a must see. I shows how powerful typhon is! I got it from youtube and it is from a video game called" God of war"

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