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Uranus was said to be the son of Chaos along with Gaea the daughter. Uranus and Gaea then married and had 6Titans and Titaneses who married each other. Then they had 3 sons that had only one eye called the Cyclopes. Finally they had 3 sons, each with 50 heads and arms called the Hecatoncheires. They were so hideous looking so Uranus threw both the Cyclopes and the Hecatoncheires into Tartarus, the deepest darkest pit in the Earth. Gaea was mad about this so she decieved a plan to take him down. She then asked her 6 Titan sons to take him down but they were all too chicken except the youngest of the titans, Cronos. Cronos then overthrew Uranus, cut him into 1000 pieces with his own Scyth, and became king.