Pluto a.k.a (Hades) captured Persephone and her girdle fell to the ground. Demeter was searching for her daughter but from end to end of the earth there was no sign. No one knew where she was so Demeter returned to Sicily. She knew that her daughter was gone but she did not think that Hades just carried her off. Someone saw Hades carry Demeter off but she was to frightened to say anything. Persephone blamed the land for her daughters disappearance. The year passed on it was a very cruel year to that mankind had ever had. There was to much rain, to much sun and all the cattle was dieing. Weeds were the only things that would grow besides thistles and most of all the people were dieing of hunger starvation. Then Zeus put a stop to it he sent gods and goddess to plead with Demeter. She said she wants her daughter before she feeds the earth again so Zeus sent his brother Hermes to the underworld to bid back Persephone. Hermes flew right down there and Hades was putting gems on her and she was so excited to know that she could go home and she knew that Pluto would never disobey his brother. She could only stay with her mother for 3/4 of year and then returned to the underworld with Hades and that is why we have winter. One thing that was hard was that she couldn't leave the underworld because she accepted the pomegranate from Hades and sucked the sweet pulp from the four seeds. So Persephone returned to her mother but only for eight months and Hades told her that he loves her and to not forget about him.

By: Morgan

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