All About Pan.

Pan was the nature god. He kept the animals safe. Gods would say he was the youngest out of all the gods and goddess. They thought he was the oldest ( don't know why).
Pan had a hairy body, not a lot of gods and goddesses are not like that. He was a fast runner and was able to climb up rocks and other objects. He had a wrinkled face and a big chin. When Pan was born the nurse saw his face, and on his face the nurse saw a beard and left the room. He wears a lynx-pelt. He is the god of the woods. The nature god wonders along the hills, and slaying wild beasts. Pan has a reed hat he plays music with, and singing Nymphs or Charities holding him company. Pan loves noise and high-pitched songs.

The modern English word "panic" is rooted it Pan. He is the god of many things like, poetry, music, and creativity. He is known as The Green Man to the Greeks.

Pan has strengths and weaknesses. His strength is to be able to play music on his pipe. His weaknesses are becoming mindless, and fear of rage.
The children of the nature god are twelve "panes". They are haft goat and haft man, just like their father.

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