Amazon1.jpg Introduction toQueenHippolyta.png the Amazons6ccb320d2df90f19ecfdfc6a2d78f39d84c0f642_m1.jpg. The Amazons are a race of war-like women who fought in the Trojan war , as told by Homer in the Illiad . Their Greek name origin is amazoi which means "breast-less." This comes from a tradition they had. Mothers would remove their daughter's left or right breast in order for them to be better at archery and wielding other weapons. The Amazons were a race for women where men had only the purpose of continuing the race. They were war prisoners and after they had lost their use, were either finished off or used for slaves. Male sons were either killed or given away to neighboring tribes. As you can see, in this culture it was men who had no place in society. The Amazons are said to be descendants of Ares and Otrera who was the first amazon queen. They worshiped Artemis , the goddess of the hunt, and Ares the god of war. The myth below is about Hippolyte and her golden girdle.

Hippolyte and her Golden Girdle
The Amazon queen Hippolyta, or Hippolyte had a magical girdle given to her from her father, Ares. This golden girdle is what showed her high status as queen of the Amazon race. Unfortunately, Heracles ' ninth labor for the oracle of Apollo was to take this golden girdle to Admeta, the daughter of King Eurystheus. Heracles' set sail for the domain of the Amazons and arrives to a warm welcome from the unsuspecting, curios women. When Heracles told Hippolyte intentions she said she would give him the belt willingly, fascinated and enchanted by the strong, lion-skin-wearing stranger.
Hera was not pleased that Hippolyta had been so easily swayed to give away a gift from the gods, and she did not favor Heracles. In her fury she changed herself into an Amazon and ran through the land, informing everyone that Heracles was going to kidnap their queen and take Hippolyte away with him. Angered by this, chaos blossomed among the people and the Amazons went to attack Heracles' ship. Heracles, seeing them charging, thought that Hippolyta had betrayed him. He thought that she had never really meant to give him the girdle, and so he killed her on the spot. In the short moment that Heracles had, he yanked the belt from the dead Amazon queen, left with the precious girdle, and completed the ninth labor.

78877-123027-wonder-woman_super.jpg<-----WonderWoman, an Amazon princess herself.