*Aphrodite was the goddess of Love and Beauty*


Symbols- Rose, Scallop Shell Myrtle Sparrow Swan


  • Aphrodite was so beautful that when so was born her father, Zeus, married her to Hephaestus. By doing that there will be no
war over all of the gods to whom will marry Aphrodite.
  • Roman name-Venus
  • Parents-Zeus and Dione
  • Children-Eros (Cupid)
  • According to Hesiod Aphrodite was born as an adult from sea foam

Myth- Jason and the Golden Fleece:

Hera, the goddess of marriage, spotted Jason and she instantly fell in love with him. Jason told her about the Golden Fleece and how he needed to become king. He had to take it from
Aeetes, the former king who had control of the Golden Fleece. Hera told Jason that she will protect him throughout his journey. In order to help Jason, Hera asked Aphrodite to put a spell on Medea, Aeetes'daughter, so she would fall in love with Jason. Hera thought that this would the best way to help Jason gain control of the thrown. Aphrodite's spell over Madea made her so in love with Jason that she killed her father and blamed it on her sisters. Medea thought this would help Jason gain control of the thrown he so desired. Jason never did gain power over the thrown so he left Madea and went to go marry the Princess of Colchis. Again, he tried to gain control of the thrown.

By : Emily F.