Calypso or KALYPSO is the goddess nymph of Ogygia. She was the daughter of the Titan Atlas.Calypso can read minds. She kept the hero Odysseus for many years on his way back from troy. Odysseus was fighting The Trojan war. Odysseus was washed ashore on Ogygia, After the last of Odysseus' men had perished at sea, where Calypso fell in love taking him as her lover and promising him immortality if he would stay with her.Calypso was very beautiful, even the gods were stunned by her beauty. Odysseus refused her offer, wishing to return home to Ithaca and to his wife, Penelope. Calypso refused to let him leave, and held him prisoner for seven years. Finally Athena complained ,and Zeus sent Hermes to Ogygia to order Calypso to set Odysseus free. Calypso complied reluctantly, allowing Odysseus to construct a small boat and set sail from the island.
Odysseus came to the island of Ogygia because the gods destroyed his ship. The gods destroyed the ship because his men slaughtered the cattle of Helios. Since Odysseus hadn't taken part in this himself he was spared. He was at sea for nine days on a broken ship till he reached Ogygia. There Calypso tended to his wounds until they healed. She fell in love with him and held him captive for seven years in that time he had two children with her. Soon after leaving Ogygia Poseidon sunk Odysseus' ship.
Some of Caylpso's symbols are
  • Ravens
  • Owlsimages-1_13-57-13.jpg
  • Hawks
  • Violets
  • Grape & Vine
  • Fountains
Did you know that Caylpso appears in Pirates of The Caribbean. She is Davey Jones's old love. In the movie she can read minds like she can in Greek mythology. She is the Person Jack Sparrow goes to for things that he needs. his compass that shows the way to what you realy want.images.jpg