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Centaurs are mythical creatures. They are half man and half horse. From the waist up, they are man. From the waist down they are horse.

Centaurs are said to be born from Ixion, the king of the Lapiths (lengendary people), and Nephele, a cloud nymph (a female nature spirit). All centaurs are mortal. All exept for one. That one centaur is called Chiron.

Chiron is a centaur who is very intelligent. He also trained many many heroes. For a very detailed discribtion on Chiron, click here.

Most centaurs like to drink wine. These centaurs are often thought to hold parties while drunk with satyrs. Other centaurs are very wise and inteligent. These centaurs teach heroes. They mainly teach them battle combat and weapon usage.
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Centaurs fighting off a monster
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A Centaur aiming at a target

Centaurs also show up in many games, films, and books

• Percy Jackson and the Olympians, are a friendly race and Chiron teaches all the demigods
• Animorphs, there's a mix of centaur in the creature called Andalites
• Harry Potter, they are aggressive and live in the forbidden forest
• Artemis Fowl, Foaly, one of the heroes is the most intelligent centaur
• Chronicles of Narnia, they are brave and noble and fight on Aslan's side

• Harry Potter, they live in the forbidden forest like in the book
• Fantasia, they are kind and sweet and do no harm
• Chronicles of Narnia, they do the same as in the book

Video Games:
• Tomb Raider, the are a enemy
• Age of Mythology, they are your allies in battle
• World of Warcraft, they are savage children of a enemy