This page is about Cerberus, the three-headed dog.

In Greek mythology, there is a three-headed watchdog (Cerberus) who guards the entrance to the lower world. Cerberus is a child of the giant Typhon and Echidna, a creature, being half woman and half snake. Originally, Cerberus was seen having fifty or hundred heads but was later pictured with only three heads (and sometimes with the tail of a serpent). Cerberus is said to have a lions head (with snakes for a mane), a dogs head and a wolfs head with lions claws. When Cerberus is said to have fifty heads his serpent mane may have been included. Cerberus allowed new spirits to enter the realm of dead, but none of them were allowed to leave. Only a few ever managed to sneak past the creature, among which Orpheus, who lulled it to sleep by playing his lyre, and Heracles, who brought it to the land of the living for a while (being the last of his). Cerberus is supposed to eat any mortals that attempt to get into the underworld and any spirits that try to escape.

Fluffy the 3 headed dog from Harry Potter

Real Name- Cerberus

Class- Olympian god

Occupation- Guardian of Hades, Watch dog

Group- Armies of Hades

Known Relatives- Typhon (father), Echinda (mother, deceased), Geryon (uncle, deceased), Ladon, Orthrus, Chimaera (brothers, all deceased), Hydra, Phaea, Sphinx(sisters, all deceased), Medusa (great-grandmother, deceased), Chrysaor (grandfather), Callirrhoe (grandmother), Orion, Triton (great-uncles),Neptune (paternal grandfather), Zeus, Pluto (paternal great-uncles), Hera, Demerter, Vesta ( paternal great-aunts), Damballah, Dragon of the Moon, Pegasus, Phorcys, Sligguth, Yamato-no-Orichi (maternal great-uncles), Ishiti, Tartessus (maternal great-aunts), Set (maternal great-grandfather), Chthon, Hyppus (maternal great-great uncles), Gaea, Isuus, Oshtur (maternal great-great aunts), Demiurge (maternal great-great grandfather)

Powers- Strength, Stamina, Resistance to harm, Increase body size, Poison fangs, Shape shift into a single-headed dog, Transform objects into weapons, Strength over dogs and wolves, Wields a large warhammer out of unknown materials

Myths- Cerberus is in several mythological stories as the watchdog of Hades. The best known involves the hero Hercules. Hercules endured a series of Twelve Labors, one was to capture Cerberus and parade him around the Greek city of Mycenae for a while, and then return the dog to Hades. But Cerberus barked furiously at Hercules and the saliva that came from his mouth formed a poisonous plant called aconite or wolf-bane but Hercules did accomplished this task.

hercules with cerberus