Chiron was a centaur that unlike most centaurs, was civilized and very intelligent. Most centaurs were known for being drinkers and violent when drunk. Chiron trained many of the heroes in mythology like achilles. the story of achilles and chiron is like most others his mother thetis left to return to the Nereids, peleus brought achilles to chirin where he trained him to become a hero. the story of Actaeonmis very grousome, Actaeomis was traind by chiron to be a hunter but when he took the shape of a deer is own dogs killed him not knowing what the had done. Aeson gave jason his son to Chiron to train while pelias is evil uncle was king. peleus the longest of the story's is told like this, peleus was the father of achilles, he was rescued by chiron acastus, the son of pelias, purifed peleus for killing Eurytion is father in law. acastus wife, Astydameia, fell in love with peleus, peleus rejected her lve so she told Acastus that peleus had attempted to sexuly assult her. instead of killing the man he had purified he took him to hunt on Mount Pelian. when peleus fell asleep Acustas abandond him, hiding his sword. When peleus awoke he started to look for the sword and ran into centaurs, if Chiron hadn't